Devilskins - Radio Zombie Rock (Limited 100 copies - 180gr) out now!!

Nextpunk Records presents Nextpunk Vinyl Collection #1 (NPR017)!
Devilskins was a skinhead Oi! band from Bellinzona, Switzerland, active in the late 90s and early 2000s. Devilskins was formed by Gianni, Joe Napoli, Omar Mariani(now Those Furious Flames) and Ivano of the band Asociale (Oi! from Como - Italy).
Radio Zombie Rock was their first and only full lenght after many 7" 45rpm and one split with the oi! band The Templars.
Radio Zombie Rock was released in 2003 by Oi! Strike (division of Soa Records), historical oi! label from Roma.
Radio Zombie Rock will be now reissued by Nextpunk Records in a very limited 100 copies vinyl 12" + new bonus track (unpublished song)

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1999 - Devilskins – Porca Troia! (Vinyl, 7")
2001 - The Templars / Devilskins – Split-E.P.
2002 - Devil Skins* – Liberta' (Vinyl, 7")
2003 - Radio Zombie Rock (Cd)
Track List:
Side A
1.Lo stile della strada 02:35
2.Periferia 02:53
3.Non sogno mai 02:25
4.No Fun 02:11
5.Alkool Parte 2 02:03
6.Condannato a vivere 02:59
7.Ricordi di uno skinhead 02:14
Side B
1.Negro bianco 02:59
2.Muro di Mattoni 01:36
3.Bibo Ska 02:29
4.Fase VIII 02:34
5.R'n'R Sotto le bombe 02:22
6.Personne 03:00
7.Sono una vittima (bonus) 03:00